Angie Gad

Associate Professor
Homeland Security
College of Arts & Sciences
Office Address:
D. Rich Hall
Room 106
Mailing Address:
PO Box 356
Buies Creek, NC 27506


Angie Gad, Professor of Homeland Security, joins the department this year. She earned her M.A in International Relations with a focus on Middle East and Intelligence studies from New York University. At Campbell, she teaches Intelligence and National Security, Homeland Security and Briefing for Government.

Before joining the department, she worked in the field of counterterrorism, serving as a senior intelligence analyst for the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness. During her time as an analyst, she was the state subject-matter expert on the Islamic State and domestic extremist groups, including anti-government militia extremists and Sovereign Citizens, and worked on active terrorism investigations alongside the FBI and NYPD. She has published over 40 intelligence products and delivered more than 70 high-level intelligence briefings to senior government officials. She also worked as a counterterrorism consultant with tech companies like Google and as a writer with geopolitical forecasting company Stratfor.

Angie is a native Arabic speaker and resided and studied in Egypt for over six years, during which she witnessed and participated in the 2011 Egyptian revolution.