Dr. Godwin Dogbey

Research and Medical Education
Jerry M. Wallace School of Osteopathic Medicine
Office Location:
Tracey F. Smith Hall of Nursing & Health Sciences
Room 425


Godwin Y. Dogbey, MA, MPhil, PhD is a biostatistician with over 20 years of progressive experience and practice in statistical consulting and teaching including, mainly but not exclusively, design and analysis of experiments, biostatistics, biometry, large scale social and economic surveys, econometrics, and psychometric methods. He has considerable knowledge, skills, and experience in systematic reviews and meta-analyses. He is adept at power calculations for sample size determination for both human subject and animal studies. Dr. Dogbey has worked intimately and extensively with institutional review boards (IRBs) and served on some of those boards. Hence, he is astute in the understanding of IRB inner workings, procedures, and requirements for human subject research and animal studies.

Dr. Dogbey has consulted with and provided statistical support and advice to medical students and residents as well as attending faculty in these subject areas. Over the years, he has had adequate exposure to and amassed profound understanding of the varied and contemporary issues that are associated with statistics as a critical tool for assessing evidence in biomedical, clinical, social, economic, and other areas of applied research. He has developed a deep and wide repertoire of knowledge and expertise in statistical methodology, and has been applying such insights in multiple disciplines and contexts.

The combination of experience, skill, and knowledge of statistics from multiple perspectives has positioned him to work in multidisciplinary teams seamlessly, not only as a (bio)statistician, but a team member with a holistic view of and contribution to the continuum of an entire project from conception through dissemination. The nexus of expertise and experience have equipped him to work as (bio)statistician not only on projects involving human subjects in clinical or observational settings but animal studies in the laboratory as well.

Dr. Dogbey’s contribution to science and humanities has followed quite a long historical trajectory dating back two decades. His published works have been multidisciplinary; a reflection of his eclectic academic background, experiences, and skills. They have addressed issues from biomedical sciences, social sciences, mathematics education, medical education, and clinical research among others.

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