Dr. Timothy Shenk

Assistant Professor
Specialty - Chemical Engineering
School of Engineering
Office Location:
Carrie Rich Building
Mailing Address:
PO Box 115
Buies Creek, NC, NC 27506


Dr. Tim Shenk received his Ph.D. degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology (SDSMT) in November of 2016. His doctoral dissertation was “Experimental and Computational Characterization and Development of an Amine Cured Epoxy System for Multifunctional Multilayer Nanocomposites.”

Prior to coming to the Campbell University School of Engineering as an Assistant Professor of Engineering in the Fall of 2019, he was a research scientist in post-doctorates that included exploring combining off the shelf technology to minimize energy consumption, followed by a postdoc that developed a better understanding of surface coating and safe handling of energetic material processing at the lab scale and small business scale-up. Additionally, Dr. Shenk consulted and conducted research exploring the separation and conversions of sugars and proteins from bio-waste stream, in addition to developing a means to enhance revenue from the waste stream.
His research interests include the study of surface morphology and interfacial phenomena of polymer nanocomposites, polymer rheology, colloidal systems, gels and processing high solids loading solutions.

Prior to receiving his PhD from SDSMT, Dr. Shenk received a Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary. He worked in the semiconductor industry as a process engineer before after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Oregon State University.